Voices Through Time


One of the challenges of being a School Chaplain is finding accessible and engaging ways to tell the stories of our faith to young people. A few years ago, I had such a challenge and, as a consequence, wrote a set of monologues entitled Voices Through Time, which tell the Christmas story in the first person, from the perspectives of The Prophet, Mary, Joseph and Thomas the Shepherd. They seemed to work pretty well and I am using them again this Christmas. I use them as part of a reflective liturgy but they can stand alone over several days in settings such as school assemblies.

Knowing the challenge of finding new material, I share them here in the spirit of ‘all things come from Him and of His own do we give Him.’ Feel free to use them as you wish; all I ask is that you acknowledge the temporal source that is this website!

I hope you find them helpful.

Voices Through Time



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